Building a New Way to Game

We’re building Ethos, a community-driven matchmaking and league-creation platform to help recapture the spirit of your favorite games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: GO and more. Explore Ethos below and get involved by voting on features and suggesting new ideas.

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Nearly 70% of gamers want a better way to play competitive online games...

There are more than 150 million gamers in the United States alone – there’s no reason only a few top players should enjoy everything gaming competitions have to offer. Ethos provides a fun, organized way for gamers of any level to connect and enjoy the games we love. We want your help to shape the spirit of a new home for casual and competitive gaming. Ethos delivers leagues and tournaments for gamers of all levels, using dynamic matchmaking and a welcoming, teamplay-driven environment. Now we want your help to guide the growing Ethos community!

Leagues and Tournaments

Ethos simplifies competitive play, offering diverse structures, exciting rewards, and access for gamers of all levels and play styles.

Dynamic Matchmaking

We know the pain of summoning a competitive, cohesive team for any game, particularly League of Legends. Ethos aims to redefine the experience by building teams based on more than skill level and rank to include play styles, objectives and more – backed by Ethos teammate ratings and metrics.

Fresh Community Experience

We know how negative certain game communities can be, especially for those learning the game and testing new strategies and techniques. We aim to build a welcoming environment and support system for gamers of all stripes. Through coaching and mentorship opportunities, game-specific educational resources, and clearly defined codes of conduct, Ethos will make it easy to find your place.

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It's Dangerous to Play Alone

As avid gamers ourselves, we know the frustrations of investing time and energy into games that don’t always reward our passion. Gamers deserve better ways to meet and connect with new teammates outside of the usual matchmaking system, friendlier interactions, more rewarding experiences, and exciting competition.

At the start, Ethos will focus on games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: GO, Overwatch, and Hearthstone to empower gamers with the structure and spirit of organized team play. We'll provide new ways to engage with friends and connect with new players of similar or complementary skills.

Speak Your Mind

Ethos is a community-driven matchmaking and tournament platform for multiple games. As we continue to build Ethos, we need you to tell us what you want to see in the final product. Visit our Community pages to vote on your favorite features and help us shape the future of gaming.

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By introducing the concept of creating better teams and organized competitions, Ethos is a revolutionary step forward, and we want your input building it. Your support for this project means a faster launch and more early features. Support our Indiegogo campaign to become a founding member of the Ethos Fan Council.

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Meet the Minds Behind Ethos

Ethos began nearly two years ago with a simple question: “For competitive games with ranking systems like League of Legends or CS:GO, why do I keep playing if I know I won’t become a pro?” The simple answer is, “Because they’re fun!” Team games are most fun, when played with people we know and like, and work well with. As avid gamers themselves, Ethos leads Daniel Wang and Michael Farris want to bring the spirit of fun competitive gaming culture to online team-based games and provide a better experience for gamers like you.

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